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Wildwood Designs is an Amish-based company located in the village of Sugarcreek, Ohio. Amidst the masses of hardwood furniture manufacturers, we saw opportunity in poly furniture as a better alternative for our customers while helping clean up the earth from relentless litter.

We base our values on quality, sustainability and customer service. Our manufacturing process takes old milk jugs and processes them into outdoor poly furniture made from HDPE plastic that will both outlast wood furniture and help the environment. Poly furniture is virtually maintenance-free so you live without the hassle of weathering from the hot and cold seasons, fading, paint chips, or mildew. There is no painting, staining, or touch-ups necessary— Our products will stay true to their color until the end of time. Cleaning only requires warm soapy water.

Be Durable

You may expect products that are recycled to be weak or low-quality, but that is just a common misconception. Our manufacturing process allows our furniture to be strong and durable. Poly furniture is weather-resistant, an issue you would face with traditional wood furniture. Another issue you would face with wood is the possibility of termites and other insects. Poly lumber does not hold that burden.

Be Sustainable

Poly lumber is mainly composed of recycled plastic that has been processed into tiny beads, which then will be melded down to create a polymer that is the poly lumber base. After that, we add color and UV protection to help strengthen against the elements, then we begin the build. Plastic materials that can be used to produce poly lumber currently occupy about 25% of waste in landfills— We are working to reduce that. Not only are we ridding the world of plastic waste, but we are also reducing the number of trees being cut down. Even when you are finished using our furniture, you can recycle the poly lumber to be used again!

Be Convenient

Our furniture comes fully adjustable with five different positions, also featuring easy storage and folding ability. Even our cushions have a place to go! All hardware is made from stainless steel, and upholstery can be removed at the snap of a button! Our customers have 22 poly colors and more than 45 patterns to choose from!

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